We are proud to bring you the Castrol merchandise range, a carefully curated collection designed to reflect the heritage, passion and innovation of the Castrol brand.


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The Castrol Heritage Range.
A celebration of Castrol.

Castrol was founded in 1899 by Charles “Cheers” Wakefield under the name of ‘CC Wakefield & Company’ originally selling lubricants for trains and heavy machinery.

Early in the new century, Wakefield took a personal interest in two sporty new motorised contraptions – the automobile and the aeroplane. The company started developing lubricants for these new engines, which needed oils that were runny enough to work from cold at start-up and thick enough to keep working at very high temperatures. Wakefield researchers found that adding a measure of castor oil, a vegetable oil made from castor beans, did the trick nicely. They called the new product “Castrol.”

Thereafter followed a legacy of innovation and performance, successfully supporting motorsport, maritime and aviation pioneers across the globe.

The Castrol ‘Heritage’ merchandise range tips a nostalgic hat to Charles Wakefield and his passion for the Castrol brand.